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I am a contemporary fine art printmaker and papermaker. I use traditional printmaking techniques such as intaglio, woodcut, monoprint and collagraph. I often use my own handmade paper for printmaking and also make paperworks, mixed media and paintings.

My ideas, reference and inspiration originate in landscape, both natural and man made. I seek balance and order and by using the universal language of abstraction and metaphor I attempt to reflect my personal and universal concerns about the transience of life and nature.

By creating work without the constraints of representation, the work can exist in its own right, as an object if you like, which may draw from the viewer a sensation, a memory, a collective recognition of the beauty of form and colour, a perception of space or the purity of a line.

Repetition, order, chaos, shadows of memory and layers of history are present in my work. Making, building and mark making is evidence of our existence, past, present and future.